At Hyden Farm we produce food that is natural and good with the environment in our forethoughts.

Nothing added. Nothing removed. Just traditionally farmed produce.




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We use a local courier company who charge a flat rate of £15 so it's economical to fill the box! Local delivery is available by arrangement at a charge of £7.

Hyden Farm Originals - Produce!

Traditional Farming. Traditional Breeds. Traditional Food. Simple!

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About us!

Really there are two things you need to know about our animals and produce:

We use traditional breeds because they are the best tasting.

We rear everything with care and allow it time and space to live.

This can make our produce more expensive but if welfare is important to you, as it is to us, then we think you will notice the difference and the value!


Good to know too.....

  • We have a real passion & commitment for traditional breeds.
  • We ensure exceptional welfare standards accross the farm.
  • There are no routine Pesticides/Chemicals/Preservatives used.
  • Importantly, we have a deep respect for the environment, from the Ladybird to the Longhorn!

So how is it all produced

Everything is born and bred on the farm! The poultry are the only thing we have to buy in, from hatcheries, as chicks, although we also hatch some of our own too!

Everything is butchered and handled on the farm before freezing.

Oh, did you know, freezing does not affect the quality of the meat if the meat has been hung and handled correctly first. (And we promise ours is - it is rested and hung appropriately before freezing).

Thats why we dont think you will be able to tell the difference between our fresh and frozen meats!


Why not put it to the test!!

And how do I buy

  • Eggs are available in the yard all year, simply pop in and buy what you need! 
  • Hen eggs are £4 per doz. Seasonal Eggs include Goose, Turkey,Duck & Guinea Fowl - available from Spring.
  • All the meat is now butchered and frozen and available by order.
  •  (Fresh is available at Christmas)
  • Simply email an order or give us a ring -  02392632683
  • We can arrange a courrier delivery which costs £15 or simply collect from the farm.
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