At Hyden Farm we produce food that is natural and good with the environment in our forethoughts.

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Longhorn Beef






Longhorn Beef Cuts & Pricing

Please be aware availability is dependant on supply, our herd is very small now, and so there will be a waiting time. Feel free to ring/email for more infomation on timings, availability.

Topside £14.20/kg
Rib on the bone £17.50/kg (We can not do T bone steak as we do not have enough Ribs for both!!)
Rolled rib £19.25/kg
Sirloin on the bone £26/kg
Sirloin wing rib £21.45/kg
Rolled sirloin £31/kg
Rump steak £21.50/kg
Sirloin steak £32.50/kg
Fillet steak £42.50/kg
Braising steak £12.65/kg
Stewing steak £9.40/kg
Chuck steak £11.50/kg
Feather steak £14.50/kg
Shin of beef £7.85/kg
Leg of beef £7.85/kg
Frying steak £16.95/kg
Stir fry beef £16.95/kg
Ox tail £7.25/kg
Beef skirt £11.45/kg
Rump skirt £11.40/kg
Minced beef £10.30/kg
Beef burgers £10.95/kg
Steak & kidney £7.40/kg

Brisket £7.25/kg
Ox liver £4.50/kg
Salt beef £9.65/kg
Faggots £1.25 each
Beef suet £1.50/pot
Beef dripping £1.50/pot

Our Longhorns are our pride and joy, and the whole herd is bred, born and reared on the farm. It is no coincidence that they feature in the logo - for us they encapsulate exactly what we are trying to achieve! 


We want to produce food in a slow and considerate fashion, naturally, to ensure flavour and quality.  The Longhorn does all this - they live outside on clover and herb rich pasture, along with hay and root crops in the winter (it would seem mean not to do this when the grass is not growing!) and are 2½ - 3 years old before they are ready to eat. Why? Because that's how long it takes!!  We have farmed them since the 70's - bucking all the fashionable trends for fast growing, highly strung continental cattle through the decades and now we are in vogue again! (good things do come to those that wait!!).  We believe our herd is the tenth oldest in the country, which makes us smile.


When the meat comes back from  slaughter, we hang it for between 35-42 days to ensure maturity, tendernous and of course, amazing flavour.


Reputed to be the best eating beef by many well know chefs, we have to say we agree, but tell us what you think.

A little more info!

Our naturally reared cattle herd is centred around our pedigree Longhorn cattle.  We are very proud of this herd and have been farming them since 1970, when we purchased 2 heifers, (uncalved cows).  Due to a change in the farm, we now have just a handful of cows.


Of the bloodlines we purchased, one was very successful and now every female we have can be related back to that first heifer, ‘Heath and Reach Hyacinth’.  We even bred a bull from her first daughter that went on to be used in the Longhorn A.I. scheme, ‘Meon Valley Cherokee’! A real success.


We are very proud to say that our herd is now the tenth oldest in the country, although the breed is actually over 250 years old, as well as being one of the first ‘improved’ breeds of British cattle.


Did you know, the beef the Longhorn produces is reputed to be the finest you can eat? So say some of our most beloved TV chefs. We agree!


The cows are kept outside, all year, on our permanent, clover and herb rich pastures, leaving the babies with their mums for 10 months. This reduces stress and allows the calves the best start. We grow them on slowly, outside, on grass and fatten them at 2½ to 3½ years old.  This investment of time produces the best textured and flavoured beef we can produce.


We do also use a Beef Shorthorn Bull to cross with some of the Longhorn cows, two breeds renowned for their beautifully marbled meat. This produces a slightly different carcase without compromising on the quality of the product.


We are passionate about our beef and feel certain you will agree its quality is second to none. So try it and let us know what you think!