At Hyden Farm we produce food that is natural and good with the environment in our forethoughts.

Nothing added. Nothing removed. Just traditionally farmed produce.




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We use a local courier company who charge a flat rate of £15 so it's economical to fill the box! Local delivery is available by arrangement at a charge of £7.

Turkeys, Geese, Chicken, Duck, Beef & more!

Please order via or on phone 023 92 632683


Christmas is coming and the birds are all out in the paddocks, getting fat!


So for those who like to be ready ahead of time we have..........




        The traditional, classic Bronze.



  • The Crown. As regal as it sounds, simply the best breast without the legs!  perfect for smaller parties too!

           £13.50/kg.    order via email


  • Goose!  - A real luxury, as goose is simply not available all the time. Reared in the traditional way, which is slow and steady. Grazing the pastures in a small family group. A rich, moist meat that melts in the mouth (plus lots of fat for fantastic roast potatoes).    £15/kg.   order via email


  • Longhorn Beef   Longhorn Beef just can not be beaten for taste, texture and maturity. Hung for up to 6 weeks it is tender and full of flavour, whether you desire a rib, sirloin or topside.
  • Ribs sell out fast so if you are set on that, order soon!   
  • order via email


  • We also have a wide range of Chicken, Duck & Guinea Fowl as well as Lamb, Pork and Beef.
  • Chicken range form 1.5kg to 5kg!
  • Ducks up to 2.5kg
  • Guinea Fowl up to 2kg.


All the trimmings! -  


Finishing off the best of Christmas dinners properly is down to the trimmings! Dont forget to order yours -


  • Sausage meat (gluten free) 250g or 500g      

          Chipolatas (gluten free) 250/500g        

          Streaky Bacon 250/500g 


Why not try one of the following stuffing ideas too? Perfect with the boned and rolled or the crown and great as an additional side dish!

Pork and Apricot

Pork and Chesnut – our family favourite






Therefore the price may alter on collection.Birds will be weighed for final pricing, at collection on 22nd/23rd December.




     GEESE - they grow from 3-7kg and are weighed to price them, at £15/kg.

Christmas Goodies!

Susies delish chocolate yule log!

This Christmas we have to offer, along with our fabulous Christmas meat:

  • Chocolate Yule logs. These  indulgent, festive treats are hand crafted by Susie. if you would like one this Christmas , all you need do is order from us and collect on the 22/23 December. They are £19.50 each, and worth every penny!!    order via email
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