At Hyden Farm we produce food that is natural and good with the environment in our forethoughts.

Nothing added. Nothing removed. Just traditionally farmed produce.




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We use a local courier company who charge a flat rate of £15 so it's economical to fill the box! Local delivery is available by arrangement at a charge of £7.


Pork Cuts & Pricing



Please be aware availability is dependant on supply, our herd is very small now, and so there may be a waiting time. Feel free to ring/email for more infomation on timings.

Our pork comes from our traditional Oxford Sandy & Black pigs. They are slow growing (although, boy can they run fast) which produces a moist, tender, mature tasting pork that's full of flavour - unlike any you have tasted before!


All the pigs are born, bred and reared on the farm.  They know where they come from so you do too!


Fancy a hog roast - Do you like to stock up the freezer........


We can supply the following;

QUARTER PIGS - up to £70 




HALF PIGS - up to £135 


Please note the above are guide prices and can depend on weight.



Pork chops £12.10/kg
Boned pork chops £12.95/kg
Leg of Pork £9.35/kg
Boned leg of pork £13.20/kg
Shoulder £10.00/kg
Boned shoulder £10.75/kg
Loin £11.90/kg
Boned loin £18/kg
Tenderloin £17.75/kg
Chump £13.05/kg
Belly of Pork £7.85/kg
Pigs liver £5.95/kg
Pork cheek £17.65/kg



Gluten Free Pork Sausages £9.25/kg

They have no rusk & no preservatives and consist of 98% meat. The rest is seasoning or other ingredients such as apple/plum/spices etc. 


Gluten Free Chipolatas £10.15/kg

We make chipolatas for the Christmas season mainly, however they can be made to order.  We would be happy to make them in the varieties mentioned for the sausages, to order.  Available in plain pork or pork & cranberry.


Gluten Free Sausagemeat £9.25/kg

Available in the same varieties as the sausages/chipolatas.


Bacon & Gammon
Our bacon and gammon is cured with cider and bay leaves. It is unsmoked.
Gammon £15.40/kg
Gammon steaks £13.75/kg
Middle Bacon £14.50/kg
Back Bacon £15.65/kg



Our curing is done by hand, at home, with cider and bay leaves from the garden.  We also use juniper berries, purchased from a specialist company.  Although saltpeter is present, as it is necessary for the curing process, we don't use any other form of preservative in the curing or in the making of the sausages.  When you cook our bacon you certainly don't get any of that funny white stuff that appears in the pan with some!



All you want to know....

We now have a small herd of 3 sows and a boar. We favour the old fashioned traditional breeds, as we do with all our animals.


They were bred at a time when quality of meat was far more important than growth rates, fat levels and food conversion. Suffice to say they take their time to mature and fatten, unlike the hybrid bred pork you find commercially, but the best things come to those who wait!


They all live outside in paddocks with small shelters to sleep in and have their piglets. It’s a bit like a holiday park, although there are fewer complaints about the shower facilities!


We move them every year or so, to help prevent a build-up of disease in the pasture, but also because pigs love to dig. They completely destroy the pasture in pretty much record times, digging for roots and grubs. This all adds to a happy life for them but does create a bit of a mud bath in the winter for us.

We allow the sows to make their own nests before they ‘farrow’ (give birth) and they are never restricted in their movement.


They are left to do it as nature intended. That in mind we also leave the piglets with their mums until they are 8 weeks old, the more intensive timeframe is as little as 17 days. Our method is the traditional one, much fairer on the pigs and the babies.


Sows are ‘in pig’ for 3 months 3 weeks 3 days.  We can expect the sows to have two litters a year, hopefully with 10 piglets, although they can have anything from 2 to 16 piglets, nothing is ever easy!


The pigs are fattened at 20-22 weeks old, which results in amazing pork. It's mature, full of flavour and has wonderful crackling. We also cure some of it with salt, herbs, cider and molasses to make our gammons and bacon. As with all we do, it takes time, but when you eat it, you know you have got something a bit different and just that little bit special!

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