At Hyden Farm we produce food that is natural and good with the environment in our forethoughts.

Nothing added. Nothing removed. Just traditionally farmed produce.




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Need Delivery

We use a local courier company who charge a flat rate of £15 so it's economical to fill the box! Local delivery is available by arrangement at a charge of £7.


All produce is frozen unless otherwise stated - but we promise it is just as good!




Poultry Products & Pricing

Fresh Poultry is available at Christmas. Due to the changes in 2014/2015 we have a limited supply of poultry and all will be available frozen..


Whole chicken £8/kg
Drumsticks £5.75/kg
Thighs £8.25/kg
Supremes £20.10/kg
Breast £22/kg


When available our eating ducks are reared to 16-18 weeks, as with the chicken. We keep Indian Runners for eggs and as a small 2 portion duck. Again the availability is limited until Christmas when we will have fresh birds available.


Whole duck £10/kg
Duck leg £8.95/kg
Duck Supreme £15.95/kg
Indian Runner Duck £8.50/kg


Guinea Fowl
Again when available, reared to 16-18 weeks, we produce a bird big enough to feed 4. A really special meat with a delicately gamey taste.  Really delicious. Supply is limited but fresh will be available for Christmas, and we generally have some frozen too..


Whole guinea fowl £9.00/kg
Guinea fowl casserole £13.20/kg



We sell hen eggs all year although as the sessonal light fades so the hens take a break and production drops, but come late February they are off again!

Hen Eggs are £4 per dozen and can be bought from the yard at any time. Just pop in!

Bantam eggs £2 per dozen.

We also offer seasonal eggs, which will be avaialble in the yard along with the hen eggs. -

Turkey (Spring and summer)

Guinea Fowl (Spring and Summer)

Goose(Spring and early summer).

Like to know a little more?






Poultry is pretty much poultry? Well not quite!! We take a different approach with how we produce our poultry, as we do with all our animals.  It all comes down to time - that ellusive commodity!


We don't want to live in a huge house with 10,000+ other people and we don't think our poultry want to do that either.  We enjoy the fresh air and pasture that surrounds us, and so do the poultry we rear!



With chicken up to 2kg, our birds can feed you for several meals!   If you thought chicken was dry and possibly a little tasteless then please give ours a try - it will remind you of roast dinners from when you were little (although the tapioca pudding is optional).


It's not just the chicken though, our guinea fowl can also feed a family of four easily, again this comes down to maturity. It's the same with the ducks.

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